Top 15 Sites to Search Property Listings

Dealing and choosing in the property is one of the heaviest task around. To build your own house it takes lot to be patient and a smart chap, so that you could afford your dream house, with proper management and saving up to few grands, which would help for your future.

If you get messed up while choosing your property there are several property providing sites which would help you get your own dream house, with an appropriate amount. Lot of people end in investing their money over to a not so satisfied property  deals that they tend to make. Some times the agent  comes  in and grab your money at a large commission and hand over you a property that is not worthy for you and your family members.

There are lot of sites which offers you a wide range of good deals for grabbing a suitable property like you dreamed about, at an affordable price. These sites comes with large variety of property deals, starting from very least to very high amount of price, depending on your budget and giving you deal like no where else. Getting large varieties of deals on property and allow you to choose from desired location and suitable houses.  There are thousand of property listing sites on the internet, I would like to throw light on some of the top ranked sites for best property deals to grab on in any corner of the world.  Let’s get to see some top rated sites for best property deals for you:

1 –

Realtor is one of the most popular buy and rent homes website in the USA. It has more than 4 Million property listings, most of which are updated every 15 minutes or so. The activity on this site is close to realtime making it an exciting property portal.

The parent company of Realtor is which owns a number of sites like: Moving, Doorsteps, SeniorHousingNet etc.

Realtor has a really cool News and Trends section where they feature the best places to rent or buy, along with valuable tips for buying, selling and renting places. One can keep and eye in this section and get all the updates they need about the real-estate space.

2 –

This site offers you to pick up the best deals in property around United kingdom.  This online portal has changed Britain into online twitches in getting best property deals. This is one time shop which gives in the full detail of the selling price and gives you the current value of any property and houses for every current address and location within the country. Take a break from visiting your friends house for better deals and  set attempt price for the buyers or get the best shorted deals if you are looking on for a new house to grab upon. It also gives you a chance to bid on an auctioned house, which you could get in cheap from the rest.  One of Britain’s top listed sites for property listings.

3 – Property



This site also help to find a perfect match homes for you and your loved ones.  This site logs in with your Facebook account and it uses your information about your likes, check-ins, work place, education, status, which result in getting you the recommendation about your properties and neighbors, so that you can buy or rent a property with all your desired utilities.  You can also seek information about your neighborhoods and to which locality you want to be get settled in.  Every category is  provided here, either you want a mid century home designed or whether newly built homes with all the modern facilities.

4 –

This site offers you  to choose among the large period of churches and chapels which are being auctioned at a bargain prices across Scotland. Many of these churches are sold without a planning permission, as they are taken over for converting them into  your dream home.  Some are located extremely in rural areas, which are being cut off by water and electricity supplies. Thus there are properties for your dream house, that you can grab with suitable bargaining offers to be looked upon.

In England there are almost 15 churches that were closed off are being sold out every year. However the site doesn’t mention their prices. No doubt that were to be costly indeed but how fascinated is to lay up your paradise on churches.

5 –

This site is set up by TV presenter Sarah Beeny.  Sarah has cut out the estate agents and the letting agents, which allows vendors to upload pictures and information regarding their properties. This saves the commission which were helded on agents and could be passed potentially on to buyer or tenant as discount.  This site also provides less competition as a buyer, if the property are not being marketed outside the site.

6  –

This site is owned by Roggers.  This site aims to be the Canadian version of the US real estate site,  Zillow.  The site state to be “ home search with smarts”  It’s local information tab is very pretty and offers you to get to know about whom you are going to live and about your neighbors in the surroundings.  It also provides you with the demographic  information about the area you want to choose for your living, estimating about the facts such as, household income, common occupation in your surroundings and each and every detailed information, which you would not find anywhere in other real estate sites.

The wealth of information here at Zoocasa is fantastic , also it provides  iphones and ipad application which gives you the basic elements for each listings. Features like this make this web site unique from the rest real estate sites.

7 –

It is an online database realestate company which offers you a large variety of  properties inside the United States.  This company was founded in 2006 and now this company with the partnership with the Yahoo reale state company, creating one of the largest real estate network on the internet.  This site could provide you with the largest and cheapest real estate offers for buying, renting and selling sites in the world. Very effective sites in terms for occupying a better property deals through the web in United States.

8 –

This site helps you to gain the full information about the property you selected.  This site offers you to see through 3D floor plans, HD photos,  certified resident reviews, and many more things which is needed to create your own dream house.  This site also offers you to continue your search from anywhere, and anytime, just download it’s mobile application and get started to search for your own dream house. This site covers the area of the United States and will provide you with better property deals to look upon.

9 –

One of the trusted rental resources for your properties, which connect apartment consumers to choose and to live in their ideal house.  Apartment Guide provide the users clear and simple guide to select the desired location, desired designs, and many more to choose either from buying to renting.  The apartment listing are done in a usr friendly format, so that one can use this site from internet,mobile and other social media solutions.

10 –

This site contains the most eye-catching designs all over the United Kingdom.  There are large varieties of modern masterpiece, Scandi-style lodges. This site offers their consumers to search based on two categories, i.e. decade or retro style and from art deco to brutalist.  Also offers tags like “ house in movies”  which would show up similar houses build upon movie themes and many more.

11 –

This site deals in with the auctioned property based materials. Get your dream house, or thinking for starting in a new business, everything is offered here, at an affordable price. This site offers you the best living place just by bidding your amount on the desired property. Just as it names suggest, you can met here with cheap and best deals than anywhere and at price which would just be extremely shocking.

12 –

One of the largest featured site through out the globe.  This site is being featuring best deals for your homes, properties, houses on rents and more more for long term of 15 years.  This site enable your search of new house and property through an easy experience as possible. Also this site is being published on about 300 daily newpaper through out the country.

13 –

It is the fourth largest real estate company in the United States.  The current network of this company is over more than 5,000 agents and over 70 offices through out the country.  From sales to rental property this company meets the full requirements of their consumer’s every need.  It helps their consumers as a trusted  resource in picking their property, as how complex process this real estate has become. This company is dealing in with properties since 1911.

14 –

One of the largest online property deals in India. Magic bricks deals in houses for sale, rent and land on either heavy projects and on small scale too. It is one of the largest online property site existing in India. This site also offers mobile application for better accommodation for the consumers.  Includes high quality of pictures, so that the consumers could judge which deal to choose just by seeing the pictures on the site.

15 –

This real estate portal is providing property solution since 2007. Mainly this portal deals in with the properties relating in India.  At first this company only laid focus upon the apartment  management solution provider, and now is being counted among the top most real estate portal.  This portal offers a combine search of properties including,  land search, apartment management, and vendor management.

Conclusion – Thus going for selecting up for your dream house, properties, rented flats etc. Whatever you wished for, these top properties portal would give you exactly what you wanted.  As opting best for your desired property is always being a tough task in the modern world.  Thus these portals would provide you with the best suitable property deals which you were looking for. From retro styled houses to a modern house with all the equipped facilities are being offered here.