About Us

Hey I am Shantanu sinha, 21 year old boy from India.  I am a college student and a part time Blogger. I love to play cricket and love to travel and explore new places. Talking about blogging,  it helped me connecting with new people across the globe and I like keep doing new stuffs around the social media. Thus I am a newbie in this blogging world as many of experienced person are still in this market, but I hope with time and bit of hard work in this field will offer a lot for me to consoled


I recently have worked on my blog like RealEstateSieve, through which I got to know how to manage our property and help others to manage and retain their property as well.  Through blogging, I came to know very much informative post, which helped acknowledge me about the pro’s and con’s in this field. The real estate is now one of the most major investment through the world. If you want your money to get doubled by, Investing in this field area gives you a better deal like nothing as anything. But involving in the real estate business, you should probably go through with a proper checking, to confirm that on the estate on which you are investing is suitable for you or not or it doesn’t acquire any false interpretation.  The main thing in investing for a real estate is that do not ever indulge in gaining a property through agents, as they make a lot of extra commission which will result in extra losing of your pocket.

Home is the important part of anyone’s life. It takes a lot of money work and lifetime to built a house of your dream. There are lot and lot of real estate companies which would be offering you best of the best deals, be sharp and quick while picking up your desired companies for your dream house.

The real estate now days also offers schemes like mortgage, insurance, and the total home ownership. Through my site I want to help you deal with your home issues like maintenance, upgrades, as we know people who could solve up your small or big problems. Thus I would like to work regarding the betterment in the real estate sector through my blogging content.

That’s all from my side hope you will like a short information about myself and my site.

Thank You.